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Hello guests,
My Name is Malik Waqas. I live in Mastung, Pakistan.I am a Microbiologist at University Of Balochistan(UoB).I built up this site in January 2018. The Aim or the motivation behind this site is to help understudies with their investigations.

Prior in 2017, I and my more youthful sibling additionally had another site however it was a flop due to few circumstances around then we weren’t know how to create, oversee, and run the site appropriately. in any case, after that disappointment, we began doing some examination and taking help of companions now we can oversee and run a site appropriately. furthermore, I am not only the owner of this website but I am the CEO of mybookpedia.com, the group that I am working with are my cousins and furthermore my more youthful sibling my younger brother.

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As I said that this website is for students but it additionally going to give Novels, Comics, business-related books, Human Psychology, Story compose books for Book lover as a gift. mybookpedia.com provides a wide Collection of books and the objective is to store 100,000 pdf books just in one year at free of cost.Guests can see and download any book for nothing just in a single tick and the books dependably will be free since this site is for think about reason and furthermore to help students.


On the off chance that you have any inquiries or proposals going to make more Categories or something to that effect don’t hesitate to Contact Us or email us at v.malikbaloch@gmail.com.

Note: Every one of the books that we are giving and facilitating is not our property, they are simply interfaces found on the web and we are giving them just to the motivation behind Study and spreading Knowledge.