Birth of a Self in Adulthood By Dorothea S. McArthur

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Adulthood Development

Introduction: Adulthood Development

This is a book (Adulthood Development) about adult patients who have been unconsciously held back from traversing the normal process of psychological development. They are not yet separate, whole selves because of their parents’ continuing psychological needs. These patients may be unable to complete their education, move into a profession, freely love anyone outside the immediate family, marry, or have children. They have received only superficial permission from their parents to become independent. The main underlying and contradictory message is to stay home and serve as an extension of their parents’ lives. A common diagnosis given to these patients is borderline. This term(Adulthood Development) has been used to cover a large number of patients who appear to be neither neurotic nor psychotic, and it seems too general, suggesting that such patients belong neither here nor there. 

Contents For Adulthood Development

CHAPTER 1 Presenting Problems
CHAPTER 2 Commands Given to Impinged-Upon Adults by Mothers
CHAPTER 3 Commands Given to Impinged-upon Adults by Fathers
CHAPTER 4 The Patient’s Relationship with the Family
CHAPTER 5 Separation Issues and Process
CHAPTER 6 Commands Given by Impinged-upon Adults to Friends, Peers, and Colleagues CHAPTER 7 Impinged-upon Adults’ Relationships with Others
CHAPTER 8 The Patient’s Relationship with the Therapist
CHAPTER 9 Therapeutic Issues and the Therapeutic Process
CHAPTER 10 Supporting Literature
EPILOGUE Affirming Changes of Growth

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