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Introduction: Chetan Bhagat Books Novel

I can’t possibly thank everyone who has contributed to this book. Every woman who ever came into
my life has played a part. You all know who you are, so in case I missed you out, like always—sorry.
The ones I would like to thank here are:
God, for giving me so much.
Shinie Antony, my editor, friend, guide. She’s been with me from the start and continues to be
the first reader of all my books.Chetan Bhagat Books

My readers, for blessing me with so much love. It is because of you that I get to do what I love
—tell stories.
The hundred-odd women I interviewed for this book, including that Serbian DJ, the IndiGo
flight attendants, the hotel staff wherever I stayed, the various people I met at my motivational talks,
the co-passengers on planes. There was a phase when I discussed this book with every woman I came
across. Thank you for opening up and sharing your innermost feelings. It made the book(Chetan Bhagat Books).
Alphabetically—Abha Bakaya, Aditi Prakash, Alisha Arora, Amit Agarwal, Angela Wang,
Anubha Bang, Anusha Venkatachalam, Ayesha Raval, Avni Jhunjunwala, Bhakti Bhat, Ira Trivedi,
Jessica Rosenberg, Karuna Suggu, Krishen Parmar, Kushaan Parikh, Meghna Rao, Michelle Shetty,
Nibha Bhandari, Prateek Dhawan, Rachita Chauhan, Reema Parmar, Shalini Raghavan, Virali
Panchami, Vivita Relan, Zitin Dhawan—for all the inspiration, support and feedback at whatever
the point during the journey of this book, or even my life.
The editors at Rupa, for their relentless attempts to make the Chetan Bhagat Books better.
The salespersons at Rupa, the retailers who carry my books, the online delivery boy or girl
who brings Chetan Bhagat Books to my reader’s doorstep—thank you.
My critics. For helping me improve and keeping my ego down.
My mother Rekha Bhagat, the first woman in my life. Anusha Bhagat, my wife. Thanks.
My kids. For having a little less dad so there can be a little more author.
My extended family. Brother Ketan. In-laws. My cousins. Everyone who has ever loved me.
With that, it’s time for One Indian Girl.




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