Living With Chronic Depression By Jerome D. Levin

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Living With Chronic Depression Pdf Book

Introduction: Living With Chronic Depression

This is a book(Living With Chronic Depression) addressed to those who suffer from chronic depression, those who love them, and those who treat them. Chronic, unremitting, and endlessly recurring depression are killers. So is the acute, severe depression that often punctuates continuing, underlying, less severe depression. They literally shorten many lives and impoverish even more. Not only a murderer, depression is a thief; it steals the joy of life. As it weighs down with implacable heaviness, it even obliviates Leonard Cohen’s “crack that lets the light get in.” Echoing William Styron’s title of his encounter with depression, it is “darkness visible” as it smothers the light. Heavy, stark, and implacable, it feels unbearable. There’s a whole library of books out there telling you to just change your attitude, wag your tail, and walk on the sunny side of the street.



Chapter 1: Ron Smith’s Story

Identifying with Ron Smith
Defining Chronic Depression

Chapter 2: Treatment Options: Their Uses and Limitations

Psychopharmacological Treatments
Somatic Treatments
Psychotherapeutic Treatments
The Psychodynamic Approach
Cognitive Therapy
Interpersonal Therapy
Back to Ron Smith

Chapter 3: The Rehabilitation Approach

Suggestions for Therapists and Families
Accepting and Working Through
The Dialectic of Acceptance and Hope

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