Molecular Biology and Biotechnology 5th Edition By John M Walker

Free Download Molecular Biology and Biotechnology 5th Edition Pdf Book


Molecular Biology and Biotechnology 5th Edition Pdf Book


One of the exciting aspects of being involved in the field of Molecular biology is the ever-accelerating rate of progress, both in the development of new methodologies and in the practical applications of these methodologies. Indeed, such developments led to the idea of the first edition of Molecular Biology and Biotechnology and subsequent editions have reflected the fast-moving nature of the area, not least this latest edition, which continues to reflect recent developments, with new chapters in developing areas such as genome technology, nanobiotechnology, regenerative medicine and biofuels. The first six chapters deal with the technology used in current molecular biology and biotechnology. These deal primarily with core nucleic acid techniques and protein expression through microbial and genetic detection methods. Further chapters address the huge advances made in gene and genome analysis and update the rapid advances into yeast analysis, which is providing very exciting insights into molecular pathways. Molecular biology also continues to affect profoundly progress in biotechnology in areas such as vaccine development, use and application of monoclonal antibodies, clinical treatment and diagnosis, the production of transgenic animals, and many other areas of research relevant to the pharmaceutical industry.

Chapter 1 Basic Molecular Biology Techniques
Chapter 2 Molecular Cloning and Protein Expression
Chapter 3 Molecular Diagnostics
Chapter 4 Molecular Microbial Diagnostics
Chapter 5 Genes and Genomes
Chapter 6 The Biotechnology and Molecular Biology of Yeast
Chapter 7 Metabolic Engineering
Chapter 8 Bionanotechnology
Chapter 9 Molecular Engineering of Antibodies
Chapter 10 Plant Biotechnology
Chapter 11 Biotechnology-based Drug Discovery
Chapter 12 Vaccines
Chapter 13 Tissue Engineering
Chapter 14 Transgenesis
Chapter 15 Protein Engineering
Chapter 16 Immobilisation of Enzymes and Cells
Chapter 17 Downstream Processing
Chapter 18 Biosensors
Chapter 19 Biofuels and Biotechnology
Subject Index

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