Fundamental Nursing Skills By Penelope Ann Hilton


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Getting the Started history of First Nurse of World 1859 Florence Nightingale suggested that ‘The elements of nursing are all but unknown’. It could be argued that this statement remains true today: some groups maintain that nursing (Nurse) is about keeping clients clean and well nourished; others that it is about making clients feel safe; others focus purely on the psychological needs of clients, and yet others think that it is about carrying out physical tasks delegated by, but remaining under the auspices of, doctors (Hilton 1997). In looking back down the well-trodden path it can be seen that over the past 150 years or so nursing has slowly evolved from something that was considered essentially women’s work, which could be undertaken by any ‘good woman’, was largely concerned with caring for the sick, and with providing the best environment for nature to take its course, to being something that is very complex, skilled and sometimes highly technical, involving health education and promotion as well as meeting a wide variety of illness-related needs of clients. It is now an occupation Nurse that attracts both men and women whose pay constitutes more than a bottle of gin (Hilton 1997).
Indeed, many now contend that nursing has reached the epitome, that long-strived-for goal of professional recognition (Clay 1987), as Nurse now has an academic, secular training programme, a Code of Professional Conduct (see Appendix I) and its own regulating body, the Nurses and Midwives
Council. It is a profession that is clearly distinct from medicine, where registered nurses are considered autonomous, accountable practitioners who work from a soundly researched knowledge base and whose practice is for the benefit of others.






Chapter 1 Breathing

Chapter 2 Mobilizing

Chapter 3 Personal cleansing and dressing

Chapter 4 Maintaining a safe environment

Chapter 5 Eating and drinking

Chapter 6 Communicating

Chapter 7 Dying

Chapter 8 Eliminating

Chapter 9 Maintaining body temperature

Chapter 10 Expressing sexuality

Chapter 11 Working and playing

Chapter 12 Sleeping

Appendix I Rapid reference aids

Appendix II Record of achievement


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