Plant Physiology By y Lincoln Taiz and Eduardo Zeiger

Plant Physiology

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With this Third Edition, the authors and contributors set a new standard for textbooks in the field by tailoring the study of plant physiology to virtually every student—providing the basics for
introductory courses without sacrificing the more challenging material sought by upper-division and graduate-level students. Key pedagogical changes to the text will result in a shorter book.
Material typically considered a prerequisite for plant physiology courses, as well as advanced material from the Second Edition, will be removed and posted at an affiliated Web site, while many
new or revised figures and photographs (now in full color), study questions, and a glossary of key terms will be added. Despite the streamlining of the text, the new edition incorporates all the
important new developments in plant physiology, especially in a cell, molecular, and developmental biology.

The Third Edition’s interactive Web component is keyed to textbook plant physiology chapters and referenced from the book. It includes web topics (elaborating on selected topics discussed in the text), WebEssays (discussions of cutting-edge research topics, written by those who did the work), additional study questions (by chapter), additional references, and suggestions for further reading.


Chapter 1 Plant Cells

Chapter 2 Energy and Enzymes

Chapter 3 Water and Plant Cell

Chapter 4 Water Balance of Plants

Chapter 5 Mineral Nutrition

Chapter 6 Solute Transport

Chapter 7 Photosynthesis: The Light Reactions

Chapter 8 Photosynthesis: Carbon Reactions

Chapter 9 Photosynthesis: Physiological and  Ecological Considerations

Chapter 10 Translocation in the Phloem

Chapter 11 Respiration and Lipid Metabolism

Chapter 12 Assimilation of Mineral Nutrients

Chapter 13 Secondary Metabolites and Plant Defense

Chapter 14  Gene Expression and Signal Transduction

Chapter 15 Cell Walls: Structure, Biogenesis, and Expansion

Chapter 16 Growth and Development

Chapter 17 Phytochrome and Light Control of Plant Development

Chapter 18 Blue-Light Responses: Stomatal Movements and Morphogenesis

Chapter 19 Auxin: The Growth Hormone

Chapter 20 Gibberellins: Regulators of Plant Height

Chapter 21 Cytokinins: Regulators of Cell Division

Chapter 22 Ethylene: The Gaseous Hormone

Chapter 23 Abscisic Acid: A Seed Maturation and Antistress Signal

Chapter 24 The Control of Flowering

Chapter 25 Stress Physiology

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