Punishment on Trial By Ennio Cipani

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Behavior Management

Introduction: Behavior Management

Getting Started With Behavior Management, Punishment as a means to change misbehavior of children is a controversial topic of Behavior Management, to say the least. Persons advocating the use of punishment and those people who are against the use of punishment have often resorted to claims that may or may not have a basis in scientific evidence. What is even more distressing is that the validity of such claims and theories is rarely questioned or judged. Uttering the words, “We have research that shows,” or “We have findings,” often is taken to sanctify whatever position is being proposed, without any independent judgment of the validity of the purported research. Therefore the claims made on the basis of such research often go unquestioned.

Contents Of Behavior Management

About the Author
Section 1: What is Punishment?
Section 2: Exposing Myths About Punishment
Section 3: Six Basic Principles of Punishment
Section 4: A Responsible Use of Punishment

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